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Career Transition: Pathways to a Green Job podcast

Dan Smolen is an author, talent advocate, and self-confessed champion of the New Green Economy. He also runs a successful career-related podcast, and our own career expert Edythe Richards was a recent guest. “Green Jobs” is a very broad topic. Edythe and Dan break it down for the layperson in this informative segment. If you’re considering a transition into the New Green Economy – whether that’s as an engineer, business person, or social advocate – you’ll want to take notes on Edythe’s advice and plan out your next action steps accordingly. Here’s an opportunity to listen to this podcast...

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How to Survive Workplace Culture Shock

I’ve dealt with a lot of culture shock in my life. I’ve lived in 3 countries outside of the US, and each time, the relocation caused a certain amount of stress, frustration, and more than once, depression. This changed with time, after becoming acclimated, but struck with a forcefulness I wasn’t expecting when I returned to the US permanently. This is what some people call “reverse culture shock.” Culture shock occurs when we’re feeling apprehensive and/or insecure in a new environment – and that includes work environments. When we’re suddenly confronted with a new life or a new way...

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How my Layoff became my Success

Career Counselor Edythe Richards’ recent job layoff gave her a chance to put her own job advice strategies into action on herself. 3 months ago, I was informed that my job was to be eliminated due to budget cuts. For 15 ½ years, I had been with the same employer. I was a career counselor, specializing in mid-senior level adults in career transition. The irony was not lost on me. I was in the very same position as the folks I’ve helped over the years, feeling the same emotions and fears, and going through the same hardships. My story...

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Question Corner – How can INFJ’s and ENFP’s best work together?

In today’s Question Corner, Edythe Richards, Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner and founder of A Top Career answers the question: How can INFJ’s and ENFP’s best work together? She discusses the greatest strengths of ENFP and INFJs individually and how they can work best collectively. From the creativity and originality of the INFJ to the energy style of the ENFP- there’s lots to learn in this informative video...

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15 ways to show Emotional Intelligence in the first 15 seconds

Making a great first impression could be the difference between getting a job offer and turning someone off completely. Every time you meet someone, they’re judging you. Whether they consciously realize it or not, they make conclusions about your likeability, trustworthiness, competence and aggressiveness – all in the blink of an eye. No, it’s not fair, and yes, you do this too. The first 15 seconds of any new connection or experience are what shape that experience. In that first 15 seconds, we decide Do I like this person? Is this person credible? Do I want to continue connecting...

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