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Coaching for Mid-Life Career Changers

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Hi, I’m Edythe.

I am a career counselor, transition coach, and a dedicated emotional intelligence practitioner and trainer. I help people like YOU to find, launch, and sustain meaningful careers.

If you’re struggling to find the right career path, you’re not alone. You want to enjoy your LIFE, be your AUTHENTIC self, and be around other supportive, intelligent, and fun people. Though you need SECURITY, you also need your work to have MEANING.

I’ll help you create a vision of the future that YOU want, and I’ll support you as you pursue it.

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Some Words From My Clients

“I wish I had started working with Edythe years ago. Her honest feedback, background research, and specific suggestions – especially on what to highlight during my interview – was truly amazing! If I don’t receive a job offer, I know it’s simply because I don’t have the experience required – not because I interviewed poorly.”
J. Johnson, Attorney-at-Law

I simply do not find too many people around who have the same zeal Edythe has. She is an inspiration to me and other career counselors as well.

David M., Career Counselor

As an industry professional, I sought Edythe’s advice when I was re-writing my own resume. Of particular note was her ability to highlight my accomplishments better. She delved into my background to uncover and recognize achievements I hadn’t even thought to include. This allowed me to promote myself more effectively and was instrumental to me in obtaining a new position.

L. S., Associate Professor

Edythe has provided unwavering professional support to me in a non-judgmental, enthusiastic way. She creates an inviting environment that encourages her clients to open up and reveal who they really are and where they should put their energies. This, in turn, leads to greater clarity and focus.

Laura Z., Counselor

Edythe is not only a clear speaker, but also an individual who can intuit various communication styles. She communicates effectively with a wide range of people, all of whom can feel truly listened to. Her kind and warm manner create a comfortable space in which even personal conflicts or feelings of inadequacy can be comfortably discussed. I heartily recommend her services. You will learn insights that are invaluable for your role in the workplace.

Ron Bashian, M.D., Life and ADHD Coach Validation Coaching

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