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5 Questions to help clarify your career path

Your career probably hasn’t worked out as you intended. Sure there are numerous external factors beyond your control (mortgages, kids, time), but your interests also may have changed over the years. What you wanted in your twenties may not hold true now. Most people have a deep desire for a meaningful and fulfilling career, yet according to a widely cited Gallup study, over half of the American workforce is disengaged – meaning they feel no real connection to their work and therefore do the bare minimum. Furthermore, though job satisfaction overall has increased in recent years, more and more...

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6 Phrases that Sabotage your Resume

(…so much for first impressions) Your resume:  it’s your first chance to make an impression. A potential employer judges you on what’s on the paper in front of him or her – whether you have concrete examples of your career achievements, or whether you’re using outdated and overused filler words. If you’re sending out resumes and not getting calls for interviews, something’s wrong. Are you using any of these phrases that sabotage your resume? 1.)  Career Objective.  Not only is this phrase severely outdated and person-centric, employers don’t care that you want “A challenging and rewarding position that utilizes...

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Top 10 Career Predictions for 2018

Career Counselor Edythe Richards shares her 2018 Career Predictions We all want a promotion, more money, better job security, and a better work environment this year. But during these volatile times, it’s hard to predict what the best career and educational paths are to pursue. As we enter the New Year, I am pleased to share my top 10 career predictions for 2018 with you. I hope they will inspire your job search and professional development. Moving beyond Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The days of “posting and praying” that your resume will be read are on the decline. Companies...

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5 Emotionally Intelligent Gifts for your Colleagues

From end-of-the year budget planning to the dreaded office holiday party, this time of year can be filled with an unhealthy amount of work-related stress. When you rush from one holiday commitment to the next, attempt to meet deadlines, and respond to external demands, you’re apt to lose touch with your emotions. That may cause you to act out unconsciously and miss out on the valuable information that your emotions contain. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. It is a measurable component of who we are. Yet unlike IQ (Intelligence Quotient), which...

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