Media Appearences

Media Appearences

I have given numerous interviews, webinars, and in-person conferences during my professional life. Take a look at a few select events below.

Myers-Briggs and the Great Resignation

As 2022 begins, an estimated 20 million American workers opted for the Great Resignation. With such an unprecedented exit of active workforce members, we wondered about the correlation between Myers Briggs Type Indicators and the Great Resignation.

Emotional Intelligence and Hybrid Work

Emotional intelligence or EQ helps people to be aware of, control, and express their emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

As the pandemic continues into a tenth month, nearly 8 out of every 10 full-time workers have shifted to remote or hybrid work settings. EQ helps them to seek a clear understanding of others who also work in separate locations.

People In Transition

This episode, with Edythe Richards, provides so much support in helping you find your next great job opportunity.  As a career counselor, nationally recognized expert on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Edythe has helped thousands of Baby Boomers, Veterans, Recent College Grads, Immigrants, and Mid-Career Adults locate and sustain meaningful employment.

What Brings You Joy At Work?

My guests today are: Hannah Morgan also known as Career Sherpa and Edythe Richards career counselor and founder of A Top Career.

Today I ask my guests; What brings you joy in your work? and How do you help your clients find joy? This interview is a great way to think about what brings you joy and how you can do more of it in your daily life. -Jim Peacock

How COVID-19 Is Testing Our Emotional Intelligence

One of the biggest problems with the COVID-19 pandemic is how prevalent it has already become before there is a rise in reported cases. Even with most people sheltering in place for the last few weeks, the number of cases doubles or triples every day, and the death toll continues to rise. Italy and Spain most closely resemble what the US is now facing, but their leadership communicated the seriousness of the virus much sooner than that of the US. This likely means that the US numbers will be much higher before leveling off.

EQ at Work: Mastering your Emotional Intelligence

Video promotion for our upcoming weekly podcast, EQ at Work. This podcast is about mastering your emotional intelligence, and it’s brought to you by Edythe Richards, founder of A Top Career and creator of 100 episodes of Myers-Briggs Question Corner. The EQ at Work podcast features guests with success stories from all walks of life. Some have endured hardship, others have manufactured their own luck – all of them have something meaningful to share,

Demystifying Your Personality

In this webinar, Bob McIntosh from MassHire Lowell Career Center interviews Edythe Richards on the intricacies of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the truths versus the fake news.

Talking About Emotional Intelligence In The Job Search

I interview Edythe Richards on how to use emotional intelligence (EQ) in your job search. Edythe’s knowledge is bar none.

Using Personality Type To Find The Right Path

In this episode Megan and Brad explore the concept of personality type with MBTI Master Practitioner Edythe Richards. Edythe discusses her own personal career development journey, how she discovered personality type and how she’s been able to use it in her work.

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Create long-term sustainable change in your life

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