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Myers-Briggs® Question Corner

Your personality questions answered! Join MBTI Master Practitioner Edythe Richards and her co-host Marc Matthie as they discuss all things personality. If you want to know how your Myers-Briggs type can help you choose a career path and navigate relationships, you won’t want to miss an episode! 

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EQ at Work

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Myers-Briggs® Mid-Life Career Changers

Do you know your personality type? This podcast, hosted by MBTI Master Practitioner Edythe Richards, features 16 episodes (1 for each Myers-Briggs type). Episodes provide career options, strengths and weaknesses, and an overview of the cognitive functions as they relate to career choice. If you’re struggling to find job tips for your personality type, be sure to tune in.

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The Journey Forward

A few years ago, I got laid off from a job I loved. The Journey Forward is my honest, unscripted account of the 6 weeks between my layoff and re-employment. I share job search tips that worked and didn’t work, and how you can easily apply them yourself. This podcast is simple – sometimes disorganized and emotional – but a very real account of what happens when you lose your job and how you can get back on track. 

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New season of Myers-Briggs Question Corner Coming soon!

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