People don’t care what you know; they care about how you make them feel.
If you’re an INTJ who has been accused of being conceited, intimidating, or unapproachable, tune in to hear David and Edythe talk about the natural comfort zones of INTJs, and what they can do to get out of them.

Today’s question:
Comes from an online forum and it’s a question I think deserves it’s own podcast. “Why are INTJs perceived as cold or arrogant?”
In answering this question, I’m soliciting the expertise of my fabulous web designer and producer, David Terrace, who himself is an INTJ type. We’ll shed some light on this question of perceived INTJ superiority – and perhaps mistaken identity. We’ll then discuss some strategies INTJs can implement in their communications with others.

Myers-Briggs Question Corner is the weekly MBTI career podcast brought to you by DC Metro Career Counselor Edythe Richards.
Edythe is the creator of A Top Career – the web site which specializes in helping people back into work.

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