Assertiveness may come more naturally to some Myers-Briggs types than others, but it’s a quality that anyone can develop – or tone down – as the situation demands.
Tune in as Edythe explains Assertiveness from an Emotional Intelligence framework, and how it relates to the Myers-Briggs assessment.

Today’s question:

Comes from a gentleman named Mitch. “Which Myers-Briggs types do you believe are the most assertive?”

In order to answer this question accurately and thoroughly, I’m first going to define “assertiveness.” And because I am also an Emotional Intelligence practitioner, I’m going to define assertiveness by the Reuven Bar-On model, also known as the EQ-i 2.0. I’ll then talk about correlation between assertiveness and Myers-Briggs types, and finish with my own opinion about which Myers-Briggs types are the most assertive.

Myers-Briggs Question Corner is the weekly MBTI career podcast brought to you by DC Metro Career Counselor Edythe Richards.
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