Happy Holidays!

What’s the best gift you could receive? If “new job” comes to mind, keep on reading!

Alas, I can’t buy you a new job. But I can certainly help you get one.

Here are 7 ways you can help me to help you (and they won’t cost you a penny!): 

1.) Be authentic. The more I know you, the better I’ll be able to understand your motivations. I’m genuinely honored when you feel safe enough to share your personal stories, dreams, and passions with me.

2.) Do your homework. Homework and research are vital to career development. Not only is it a “prescription” for your success, it gives me a structure to work with. It’s also a tool for me to gauge to how well you’re coping, and if other issues need to be addressed.

3.) Be realistic. Sadly, I don’t have a magic wand, wizard hat, or all the answers. I can, however, help you take control of your career. It’s actually YOU who decides whether or not you want to accept things as they are, or if you want to change. The conscious realization that you are actually the one in control is the first step toward a meaningful career and life.

4.) Make a commitment. A misconception of career counseling/coaching is that one or two sessions will be enough. A Band-Aid is a quick fix to stop bleeding, but it’s not a long-term cure.

5.) Set Limits. Constant demands – even from well-meaning colleagues, friends, and family leaves us drained. Bob McIntosh (LinkedIn and Career Strategist) discussed one of his experiences in a recent post. We career counselors and coaches DO want to help, but please understand if we’re unable to at that moment.

6.) Belief. Believe in yourself and your value!

7.) Check-In. I enjoy sharing your successes, so send a quick e-mail to let me know how you’re doing. Or to say Happy Holidays!

A holiday gift will certainly brighten your day. But if you’re unhappy in your current job, the gift of a new career will brighten your future.