Celebrating The top 10 podcast episodes from one year of Myers-Briggs Question Corner.

One year and 52 episodes gives us cause for a little celebration. Our Career and Relationship podcast for Myers-Briggs is now one year old!

We’re listed on Player FM as one of the Best MBTI podcasts of 2019. Congratulations Edythe!

Question Corner is a Career and Relationship podcast.

The show provides listeners with an opportunity to ask an MBTI career & relationship question to a recognized professional – and to have their answer delivered as an individual podcast episode. Sometimes they decide to change their name and that’s perfectly OK.

Our weekly podcast series is written by Edythe Richards. We publish it on Monday evenings and it’s available across all popular networks:

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Have YOU listened to the show yet?
Our first year. 52 episodes.  8 hours and 20 minutes of MBTI career and relationship discussion. Start here with our top 10 podcast episodes from our first year.

top 10 podcast episodes from year one

Number 10
Why Did My Myers-Briggs Type Change?
Ep 13. Duration: 06:37

Number 9
INFP Struggling at Work
Ep38. Duration: 09:45

Number 8
Why are INTJs Perceived as Cold or Arrogant
Ep49. Duration: 15:47

Number 7
ISFJ and ENFP Relationships
Ep 32. Duration: 18:31

Number 6
ENFJ vs INTJ – A Question on Relationships
Ep11. Duration: 08:20

Number 5
INFP Stay Organized
Ep23. Duration: 07:15

Number 4
ENFP Communications at Work
Ep3. Duration: 07:10

Number 3
INTJ v INFP Communication
Ep24. Duration: 10:34

Number 2
INTJ v ENFP Relationship
Ep18. Duration: 14:30

Our Number 1 Podcast
INFP v ESTJ Relationship Challenges
Ep1. Duration: 17:07

In our first year we received over 25,000 listens.

We learned SO much during the first year of producing the show. It’s been a fabulous experience.

For business owners with a web site and blog we recommend considering a podcast –  our weekly viewing figures increased exponentially from hundreds to thousands – so if you have an area of expertise it really is a win-win for everybody – plus, it’s a personal way to show a client you’re credible and available.

Thanks for Celebrating one year of Myers-Briggs Question Corner!

As the show goes forward we’re always on the look-out for good Myers-Briggs Career and Relationship Questions – if you have one, get in touch!