Nothing causes more friction at work than the ways Judging (J) and Perceiving(P) types manage time. P’s believe work is about performance, preferring to remain flexible, spontaneous, and adaptable. As such, they are often accused of being disorganized, with poor time management skills. How can P’s succeed while remaining true to themselves?

“I am a Perceiver on the Myers-Briggs. At work, I feel like I’’m at a disadvantage because I just don’t think or behave like others at my office, though I try to fit in. They’re very formal and structured; I’m more laid-back and fun. My desk looks like a mess, but it’s how I like it, and I know where everything is. I’’ve been told I have poor time management, but I’ve never been late with any of my assignments.
Do you have any strategies that can help me with my time management?”

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