A sense of purpose at work, friendly office mates, and open, respectful communication are important to everyone – but especially INFPs. Yet INFPs are often in danger of being overlooked or even bullied at work. Why is this, and what can they do?

“I am an INFP. I work in an office with people who are very different from me, and it’s a struggle. I don’t fit into their clique, and it’s exhausting trying to play their games, but I feel like I have to just to survive. What suggestions do you have for putting my best foot forward and succeeding in an office that feels unfriendly?”

Myers-Briggs Question Corner is the weekly MBTI career podcast brought to you by DC Metro Career Counselor Edythe Richards.
Edythe is the creator of A Top Career – the web site which specializes in helping people back into work.

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