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Career counselor Edythe Richards has helped hundreds of mid and senior-level job seekers, as well as recent graduates, veterans, and others, transition from unemployment (and under-employment) to meaningful careers.

Now, Edythe is one of those unemployed women navigating her way back to the workforce after being downsized. Like many who have been suddenly laid off, Edythe’s self-confidence took a hit, as did a large part of her identity and sources of validation.

But Edythe’s journey is not an isolated one. Rather than sending out countless resumes, going on interviews before she’s grieved for her former job, or succumbing to desperation or depression, Edythe has a different strategy. In her own career coaching, Edythe advocates strategic networking over mega job boards; depth of relationships over a breadth of connections; tailoring resumes over a one-size-fits all approach, and an active, up-to-date social media presence.

This all requires clarity – not only in career aspirations, but in mind and body. It’s not easy to achieve in the midst of a traumatic job loss.

Look out for our upcoming podcast series as  Edythe shares not only her emotional roller-coaster, but her optimism, personal strength, and the job search tips that work for her and will surely work for you too.