Whether you’re a Trekkie or not, surely you can appreciate the character of Mr. Spock? He warmed the hearts of nerds worldwide, yet still appealed to the cool kids.  He was precise yet clueless, logical yet creative, an outsider, yet an integral team member. A Vulcan and a human. A purposeful dichotomy.

If you are one of Mr. Spock’s many fans, here are a few ways you can pay homage to him.

Got Balance?
We all know about Mr. Spock’s struggle between emotion and logic. Ultimately, Mr. Spock taught us that being alive meant a constant negotiation between the 2.Try though we may, we will never be 100% in control of our emotions. It doesn’t help that society often discourages emotional displays.

**Know that there is nothing wrong with emotion. Emotions motivate actions. Spock was not devoid of emotions, but he was in control of them.

One-size Fits All is a Myth
One of the most purposeful contradictions Federation Starship captains dealt with was “Prime Directive.” Essentially, this rule forbids Federation personnel from interfering with imposing their values and ideals upon other societies.

** Your journey is a unique one. Rather than blindly following a prescriptive approach, do whatever works best for YOU.

It’s Not All About The Data
Mr. Spock learned this the hard way.  More and more, we look to science – and especially data – for answers. Some concepts, however, are poorly expressed by numbers.

**Remember that effective problem solving is also being able to apply insights, experience, and even intuition to a decision-making process. Nothing is ever clear-cut in the real world, especially with human lives.

Differences are Strengths
What made Mr. Spock different was precisely what gave him credence. We’ll remember him for his pointy ears, mixed-cultural background, and all his contrasts.

**Whatever is unique about you can become a defining trait. Differences done “right” are influential and make you memorable.
Life Never Stops Teaching
The more we got to know Mr. Spock, the more we understood that he fought to reconcile his seemingly incongruent identity into an integrated whole.  He had a commitment to grow, enhancing (not rejecting) all of his diverse parts, cultivating the best possible Spock.

**If we embrace all features of ourselves and approach life with an open mind, we are indeed capable of great things.


Live Long and Prosper
By the end, Mr. Spock’s life was about gratitude – about appreciating what he had and what he’d been given.