This April Fools’ Day, here are some suggestions to help you land your next job.

On Your Resume

  • Be creative! For example:  write in crayon, include rainbows, smiley faces, or GI Joe stickers.
  • Employers want to know that you want “a challenging position that utilizes your education and experience”, so your objective statement should be displayed prominently at the top.
  • Smart technology auto-corrects all typos and spelling mistakes.  It’s much more efficient for the pubic than proofreading.

When Networking

  • Begin all conversations with, “Do you have a job for me?”  It’s the most efficient way to cut to the chase.
  • The more job search websites you use, the better, but don’t neglect the Sunday paper!
  • Let your network know that you’re not picky and “Just need a job.  Any job.”  Be sure to talk about your fabulous accomplishments as much as possible!
  • Try the door-to-door approach.  It helps to bring home-made cookies or baked goods.

In an Interview

  • Build anticipation by arriving 10 minutes late. Greet with a limp handshake and a firm stare.
  • Consider bringing a copy of your 30 page Master’s thesis for your interviewer to read.
  • Be sure to inquire about the company’s policy for Monday absences and paid time off for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Act like you don’t want the job. Reverse psychology!

On Social Media  

  • There’s no need to waste time writing a personalized message when you connect with someone new.
  • Send out messages to your entire network every 20-30 minutes:  “I’m desperate for a job! Please help!”
  • Oops…did I tweet that?

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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Please Note: These tips are for fun only!