Why 2015 Might Be the Best Year for Job Searching

Why 2015 Might Be the Best Year for Job Searching

Thankfully, the economy is now recovering and unemployment is on the decline. The job market in 2015 is optimistic for both employers and job seekers.

  • Hiring is Up! According to the Employer Associations of America, 52% of employers plan to add staff. That’s up 10% from last year.
  • So are salaries! U.S. workers in most industries can expect a median base salary increase of 3% .
  • Non-traditional opportunities are on the rise. Many companies are moving toward hiring consultants and freelancers, while others are offering more flex hours and work-from-home opportunities. In efforts to attract and retain good talent, some industries have seen an increase in perks (such as wellness centers and discounts at major retailers).
  • Workers are confident. 1 in 3 workers polled by Glassdoor’s Employment Confidence Survey say they’ll begin job searching if they don’t get a pay raise this year. Half of workers polled are “optimistic about their ability to find a job matched to their experience and compensation levels in the next six months.”

Should You Stay?
If you decide to stay in your current job, there’s a good chance you’ll see an increase in salary and/or benefits. The job-hopping of some employees often creates promotions for those who stay put.

Should You Go?
Looking for a new job in 2015? Here are some facts you should know.

  • It’s Still About Who You Know. Networking is still the best way to land a job.
  • With profiles of seemingly identical candidates, the word of one trusted colleague to another is still the best way for an applicant to get noticed.
  • Recruiters indicate that 60% of their best job candidates are found through referrals.

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