A New Year; A New You

A New Year; A New You

Don’t begin 2015 lamenting your losses and sorrows to yourself or others!

  • The Past:  You can’t change it. Let it go. This is a New Year. Let it give you a fresh start.
  • Loss: Forget the money you have lost, the mistakes you have made, the injuries you have revived, the disappointments you have experienced.
  • Sorrow: Real sorrow- which comes from death of dear ones – you need not forget. Instead, know that it enriched your nature and allowed you to become more human and sympathetic.
  • Age: Don’t tell me you’re too old! Age is an illusion. Ignore it and it will ignore you.
  • Health: Anticipate good health. If it doesn’t come at once, consider it a temporary delay. Continue to expect it. It is your mind that makes your body sick.
  • Belief: Breathe deeply, from head to toe. Know that you are inhaling wisdom and life.
    Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A clear, glorious year lies before you!

Happy 2015!

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