Today’s Myers-Briggs® Question Corner Podcast focuses on ISFJ family relationships.

The question comes from Alena.

“Ever since I took the Myers-Briggs assessment as part of a student development course in College I’ve felt validated.
I came out as an ISFJ. It’s now clear to me that both my parents, my brothers and most of my family members are Extraverts. Most of family are Thinkers, while I am a Feeler.
I spent many years thinking there was something was wrong with me but now I know that I’m just naturally different. Yet this knowledge doesn’t help when I visit my family. Holiday events and loud parties are the norm for most everyone in my family, but I can’t wait to escape them. I do love my family and I know they love me – but how can I get them to understand that I need my Introverted Space?”

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