This newly revised podcast features an introduction to the ESFJ type, along with suggested job tips and recommended career possibilities – with career counselor and Myers-Briggs® Master Practitioner Edythe Richards. ESFJ is a common MBTI® type with women twice as likely to fall into this category.

Listen in as we explore the needs and requirements for ESFJ mid-life career changers in order for them to achieve career satisfaction.


  • Extraverted – meaning they’re energized by the external world of people and things
  • Sensing – they receive information in a concrete and practical way with their 5 senses
  • Feeling – they make harmonious decisions based on the impact of other people
  • Judging –  they prefer to live in a structured and goal-oriented way

This Type’s moto could be “organizing and accomplishing tasks of value while keeping everyone happy.” They are known as the hosts and hostesses of the world due to their graciousness and effectiveness in dealing with others. They’ll bring harmony and goodwill to almost any situation in which they find themselves, and at the same time, they’ll impose a structure and order. At work, ESFJs are committed to the people and organizations they work with; they’re team players who do their best to help everyone fit in.

This series is available on iTunes and Spreaker.