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Do You Know How To Network?

BEST WAYS TO NETWORK A few nights ago, I attended an event where the speaker was talking about bests way to network. I’ve attended many such events over the years, and there’s a common theme: The speakers all have the right answer Never mind that the speakers all say something different. They all have persuasive tactics, data, success stories and the like to convince their audience that their way is the right way. (And to be fair, sometimes it is.) But what bugged me about this speech was the speaker’s insistence on a canned prescription: 3 quantifiable professional accomplishments...

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Myers-Briggs Myths

Myths, Misinformation, and the Myers-Briggs On February 18, 2014, Adam Grant, Wharton professor, wrote an article published on LinkedIn entitled “5 Myths about Introverts and Extraverts at Work.” As a Type® practitioner, the title itself piqued my interest, but I’m also a fan of Grant himself. He’s brilliant, witty, and writes on various provocative subjects, all centered on the theme of success through “giving and taking” (His book, “Give and Take”, is a bestseller). Grant does not seem to be a fan of the Myers-Briggs – a minor detail that I will try not to hold against him. In...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Accomplishments

Everyone has accomplishments. Even you! Accomplishments aren’t necessarily awards. They could be Processes you created or developed Money you earned your organization Customers you served Time you saved New business you generated Committees you established or served with Projects you collaborated on Here are some strategies to help you write your accomplishments: Think about an employment review you’ve had. Your boss most likely wanted to know what you’ve done in the past 3 months, 6 months, 1 year to demonstrate your value. What did you say? Perhaps you even generated a list of things you’ve done (accomplishments!). Have you...

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5 Things To Do Before Writing Your Resume

A little planning goes a long way. Let’s consider 5 Things To Do Before Writing Your Resume Determine your Target. What do you want to do? Don’t say, “I’ll take anything”, because the “One Size Fits All” doesn’t work. Today’s resume needs to be specific. If you are unsure of your target, consider completing a self-assessment process and/or speaking with a career counselor or coach. Research your Target. It is important to have concrete evidence on what is needed to achieve your target. In addition to “good ‘ole Google”, business directories, social media pages, and your local public library...

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3 Simple Reasons Why You Haven’t Found A Job

1.) Your resume is not targeted to a specific job/industry/organization. Are you sending the same “generic” resume to any and all jobs/organizations? This is a big no-no. Even if you are perfectly capable of being a Project Manager, an Accountant, OR a Logistics Manager, employers want the candidate who is eager to perform a specialized role. With that said, it’s perfectly acceptable to search for 3 jobs simultaneously, but you’ll need 3 different resumes. Hint: in today’s competitive job market, resumes need to be tailored to specific jobs 2.) You’re only applying for jobs that are advertised online. Are...

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