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It’s all about you!
No matter where you are on your professional journey, I offer a range of services that will help you navigate your career path. Whether it’s clarifying your purpose, learning about your unique skills and motivations, mapping out a job search plan, writing a winning resume, or tactical coaching, I’m here to help. Edythe Richards

Resume/Job Search Consultation

You provide me with your current resume in advance, along with the type of position you’re seeking, your current method(s) of job search, and any challenges you’re encountering. I’ll do the research and we’ll schedule a 30 minute phone or virtual consultation with targeted next steps for you to successfully move forward.

Career Conversation

If you’re unsure what career path is the right fit for you, or you’re struggling to decide if you even want to change careers, this is a great place to start. Simply tell me your challenges and then we’ll schedule a personalized phone or virtual consultation to get you on the right track.

Myers-Briggs Assessment + Coaching

Wondering what your personality type is and what it means for your career? You will be provided with a link to take the online MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and we’ll schedule a appointment to discuss your results and how knowing more about your intrinsic motivations and preferences can lead to your career success. Read more about the Myers-Briggs.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment + Coaching

Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that help you navigate relationships, interact with others, and manage your own emotions. The EQ-i 2.0 assessment measures the interaction between you and the environment you operate in. This can help establish the need for areas to target during coaching.

Job Search Consultation

If your current job search is at a standstill, I can help. Together, we’ll discuss your goals and come up with a strategy that will work for you.

Interview Coaching

Everything you say – and don’t say – during an interview tells a story. Make sure you’re telling the best possible story through professional feedback and proven, impactful techniques.

Read more about Emotional Intelligence.

For a customized package to fit your career, job search, or relationship needs.