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Career Coaching

Career coaching with me isn’t just about helping you land a new job. It’s about discovering what you’ll need in that job to be truly happy and successful.

“I’m passionate about helping YOU become more successful.” – Edythe Richards

Wondering if my career coaching services are right for you?

Can you relate to any of the following statements?

  • You’re stuck/unhappy in your current job, but you have no idea what to do instead.
  • You have no idea where you’re heading. All you know is that you want something different.
  • You’re looking for more out of work (and life) than what you’re currently experiencing.
  • You fight feelings of imposter syndrome when you think about your next steps.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, a professional career coach is what you need to move forward.

My Guarantee

  • No fancy, pretentious performances – just honest, upfront communication.
  • A judgement free, confidential personal advocate who will truly listen and guide you.
  • Together, we’ll walk through your strengths, skills, values, and experience so you’ll get clarity, focus, and satisfaction.
Ready? Contact me to get started
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