Myers-Briggs master practitioner Edythe Richards is joined in this episode by her producer David for a Thinking and Feeling relationship discussion.

A subject often misunderstood in the Myers-Briggs world: Thinking versus Feeling.
This is the third dichotomy – the third letter of one’s Myers-Briggs type: T for Thinking, and F for Feeling.

While we all “feel”, there are significant differences – and misconceptions – in how Myers-Briggs Thinking and Feeling types make decisions and cope with emotions. If you’re a “Thinker”, you tend to place more emphasis on principles and facts that aren’t personal. If you’re a “Feeler”, you tend to base decisions on what people care about and look for consensus and harmony. There’s no right or wrong, but without understanding and appreciation for your opposite, it’s easy to get derailed in communication.

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