Finding job satisfaction for the ISTP personality type with Myers-Briggs® Master Practitioner, Edythe Richards.


  • Introverted – meaning they prefer the inner world rather than the external world
  • Sensing – they receive concrete information from their 5 senses over the abstract, big picture world
  • Thinking – they make decisions objectively, not subjectively
  • Perceiving – they prefer to live in a flexible, adaptable way instead of a structured way

People with this Type are often misunderstood and underestimated. ISTPs are realists and risk-takers who apply expediency and reasoning as they adapt to situations in the environment. They respond quickly to the facts, ensuring the odds of success are in their favor. They don’t like to be tied down and will have a difficult time operating within tight structures and schedules. They’d rather be doing than planning.

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