ISFP Job Tips and Career Advice

ISFP Job Tips and Career Advice

The latest episode of the MBTI® for Mid-Life Career Changers focuses on the ISFP type – with job advice and career strategies from Myers-Briggs® Master Practitioner Edythe Richards.


  • Introversion – an inward, rather than outward focus, striving for an internal world that is in order and defining their own needs and concerns internally.
  • Sensing – This means that they’re tactile and use direct observation and first-hand experience, trusting their 5 senses to know what is. Thus, they are grounded in reality rather than abstract and theoretical possibilities.
  • Feeling – which is a subjective decision-making process. Feelers base their decisions more on their own personal values than on objective principles. They seek harmony with those around them, and notice when people need support.
  • Perceiving – Perceivers have a low need for closure and prefer to stay open to new information and last-minute options, experiencing all that life has to offer.

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