This Podcast focuses on the INFJ type – with career advice, ideas and strategies from Myers-Briggs® Master Practitioner Edythe Richards.

INFJs are creative, visionary people who have original ways of looking at the world and are innovative in solving problems. They’re very much valued, therefore, for their insight and foresight, and they use their own inner vision to find meaning and new possibilities all around them. They’re also very caring people, capable of great empathy, and they’re most comfortable sharing their supportive nature and insights once they’ve gotten to know the person.

INFJ stands for

  • Introverted: inwardly focused; direct energy toward their own thoughts/ideas; need time to mull things over before sharing
  • iNtuitive: attuned to future possibilities; abstract and imaginative
  • Feeling: base decisions on personal values (how they feel and how others will feel)
  • Judging: prefer a planned and organized lifestyle; decisive and in control

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