We talk about the ESTP personality type and what ESTPs need to consider in making a career change.

ESTPs are the folks who only live once. In fact, that is probably the phrase that best describes the ESTP life motto: “You only live once.” They want to experience everything life has to offer – whether it’s jetting off to some new destination or trying exotic food or drink…bungee jumping, or taking on some new and potentially risky challenge or adventure!


  • Extraverted: They are energized by the external world of people and things; tend to be action-oriented and speak freely
  • Sensing: They pay attention to sensory information – what they can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the physical world, before paying attention to connections, meanings, and abstract theories
  • Thinking: They make decisions based on objective, universal principals and logic before focusing on personal motives and compassion, and choose truthfulness over tactfulness
  • Perceiving: They prefer a flexible approach to life rather than a structured approach; tend to be spontaneous and adaptable

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