Our latest podcast focuses on the ESTJ type – with job tips, ideas and strategies from career counselor and Myers-Briggs® Master Practitioner Edythe Richards.

The combination of hands-on perception and analytical judgment, focused in a lifestyle of structure and order makes ESTJs the “Administrators of the World.” If you want a job done, a regulation established, a system implemented, or an ongoing program evaluated, call on an ESTJ to do it!


  • Extraverted – they are energized by the outer world of people and activity
  • Sensing – they pay more attention to sensory information, details, and have a practical focus on information gathering instead of an abstract focus
  • Thinking – when making decisions, they tend to focus on logic and analysis before personal values
  • Judging – they are decisive and prefer structure and control over spontaneity and flexibility

ESTJs typically like to organize projects, operations, procedures, and people, and they like to get things done. Thus, they are often found in leadership or management positions. They live by a clear set of standards and beliefs, make a systematic effort to follow these, and expect the same of others. They value competence, efficiency, and results.

Listen in as we explore the needs and requirements for ESTJ mid-life career changers in order for them to achieve career satisfaction.

This series is available on iTunes and Spreaker.