In this episode of the series we discuss the ENFJ type – with job tips, ideas and strategies from career counselor and Myers-Briggs® Master Practitioner Edythe Richards. We begin with an overview of ENFJ, discuss the cognitive functions (which are the middle two letters of one’s Myers-Briggs Type), ENFJ strengths and weaknesses – and finally career paths that other ENFJs have found rewarding, along with the reasons why.


E stands for Extraversion – The preference of ENFJ types is to focus on the outer world of people and activity, directing their attention and energy outwardly. They receive energy by interacting with people and from taking action.

N stands for iNtuitive – When receiving information, they’re naturally attuned to the big picture –not the details – focusing on the relationships and connections between facts. They grasp patterns and are oriented to future possibilities before present realities.

F is for Feeling – They make decisions subjectively – not objectively – based on their own values and in honoring other people. They appreciate and support others, and their goal is to create harmony and treat each person as a unique individual.

J is for Judging – They prefer a structured approach to life rather than a flexible approach. They like to have things settled and stick to a plan. They tend to be methodical and organized, and avoid last-minute stresses.