The First Step to a Shorter Job Search – FIND YOUR NEXT JOB QUICKER – with DC Metro Career Counselor and founder of A Top Career, – Edythe Richards.


The average length of a job search is between 3-4 months. That’s a long time if you’re

To find your next job quicker, take this important first step:

Be very clear about what you want.
You may be qualified for multiple types of positions. You may be interested in several
different jobs. You may be willing to work for ANY organization. But these factors will all
work against you. Here’s why.

With a clear career goal

  • You’ll have a clear outcome. Vague objectives produce vague results. A
    specific goal is the foundation for how you structure your resume, your LinkedIn
    profile, and your job search and networking strategies.
  • It will be easier to help you. You’re most likely to get your next job
    through someone you know. If you are unclear about what you want, how can the
    people in your network begin to help you?
  • Others will be more likely to help you. If someone refers you to a
    position, their reputation is on the line. They will be less likely to refer you if you
    are perceived as someone who will take anything.
  • You are competent, not desperate. While it’s good to be open to
    new opportunities, coming across as someone who will do anything can make you
    seem desperate.

Above all, clarity leads to confidence. When you know how your skills and
background can contribute, you’ll come across as passionate to the people in your network.
And you’ll sound a lot more convincing to employers.
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