I feel very fortunate to have access to workshops given by Edythe. I know this is going to support and invigorate my job search.

-Jean D

Edythe’s resume workshop covered more than just effective resumes. It was the best use of my time that I could have imagined.


After my positive interactions with Ms. Richards, I referred a friend to her. He has only good things to say about her and her ability to help him get started in his education.

-Ali A

As an industry professional, I sought Edythe’s advice when I was re-writing my own resume. Of particular note was her ability to highlight my accomplishments better. She delved into my background to uncover and recognize achievements I hadn’t even thought to include. This allowed me to promote myself more effectively and was instrumental to me in obtaining a new position.

-L. S.

I am so grateful to Edythe for her encouraging efforts and positivity in helping me find my authentic self. What she does is vastly important, and she makes a meaningful difference in peoples lives.


Edythe is extraordinarily knowledgeable about personality types and how different types interact with and relate to the world. She helped me refine my career goals and specify the direction I wanted to pursue. Edythe is generous with her time, positive, cheerful and uplifting.


Edythe has provided unwavering professional support to me in a non-judgmental, enthusiastic way. She creates an inviting environment that encourages her clients to open up and reveal who they really are and where they should put their energies. This, in turn, leads to greater clarity and focus.

–Laura Z.

Edythe’s resume session was great. She covered a lot of ground and provided a ton of useful, up-to-date information. She answered our questions and still managed to keep the program on schedule. Her demeanor and style were pitch perfect. Even her critique of my non-elevator speech wasn’t threatening, which allowed me to take it in.

–Jeff R.

Edythe interpreted my MBTI in 2012. She is extremely personable. What could have been tedious was actually very lively given her wonderful personality. Edythe is a great listener and she really cares


I was impressed with Edythe’s resume seminar, which was highly educational and engaging. She obviously has a strong understanding of the subject matter, and a thorough knowledge of the current trends. She did a great job at keeping participants motivated through a variety of teaching methods, including allowing small group work, individual sharing of experiences, and highly professional handouts.

-John R

I was truly amazed by how informative and therapeutic Edythe’s Myers-Briggs session was. The group itself was quite wonderful under her direction. Having seemingly different ends of a cohesive spectrum there really enhanced the dynamics and enjoyment of the session. I really loved the whole experience and came away with a lifetime of good lessons and insights. Thanks so much for all that you do, Edythe, uniting and enlightening people.


Edythe’s knowledge and expertise in assisting me develop my resume was beyond measure. Her creative suggestions allowed me to think and be inventive in executing the benefits of my qualifications on paper. I went to her seeking direction and she exuded confidence and an assuring trust. I am forever grateful for her talent, abilities and expertise!


I really felt like Edythe understood me during our career consultation sessions. She helped me come up with a list of Do’s and Dont’s for my job search and networking, and helped me target organizations that are a good fit for my personality type. Now, I am happy in my new job thanks to Edythe’s help.


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