“Edythe is engaging, funny, and entertaining! I love love LOVE her classes!”


Edythe is an obvious expert at her craft, as a presenter, and also in the MBTI

-Dave R

The Resume Workshop was very informative, and I now have several new ideas on how to approach my job search!

–Rayna R

Edythe is a gift and an expert in her career

–Joyce R

Edythe is enthusiastic, bright, and the perfect professional to explain the Myers-Briggs and Type Dynamics


Edythe’s resume workshop covered more than just effective resumes. It was the best use of my time that I could have imagined.


“Edythe is a true gem! Her workshops are well-planned and fun with plenty of interactive exercises. She also offers to meet one-on-one then actually listens and cares about what you are saying. Her solutions are custom-made just for you. Thank you, Edythe, for all that you do!!”

–Barbara K.

“Edythe’s suggestions have been so valuable in helping me to learn what employers and HR personnel look for. Thanks to her, I now have a new job that I enjoy.”

–Bob G.

“Edythe was so helpful, kind, and understanding when I entered college after having very difficult experiences in school. Her guidance was valuable in setting me on the correct path, and I am very happy to report that I will achieve my degree in May- a goal I could not have accomplished had she not given me the confidence to believe- even after many past struggles, that I was indeed capable.”


“I didn’t feel embarrassed or hesitant to bring up something I was worried about. Edythe did an excellent job of helping me gain perspective, calm me down, and made me feel less anxious.”

–S. J.

“Edythe immediately understood my concerns, which I’ve never had before from any professional or counselor. Because of Edythe, I found my career path, and I hope to one day work in a similar capacity. I went from having absolutely no career direction to pursuing a college degree in a field I’m excited about. I’m very grateful for that.”

–Keiko G.

“I won’t hesitate to enlist Edythe again in the future and I would recommend her to anyone needing assistance or guidance in evaluating their vocational or educational pursuits.”

–James P.

Thank you, Edythe very, very much for all of your awesome insight. I am now VERY excited to work! You have done so much to prepare me for this.


Edythe is extremely knowledgeable about her craft and went above and beyond to help me navigate my way through my job-search process

Edythe helped me build a perfect resume that ultimately landed me several interviews and a great new job!

I simply do not find too many people around who have the same zeal Edythe has. She is an inspiration to me and other career counselors as well.

David M.

The unemployed and underemployed need people who are passionate, highly skilled and have a heart for helping. That describes Edythe.


“I was initially very skeptical about the Myers-Briggs, but WOW! Edythe made the content relevant and interesting. If you’re considering taking the Myers-Briggs, I highly recommend doing it with Edythe.”


“When unemployed, it’s so nice to have the solid, structural strength which Ms. Richards provides.”

–Kelly M.

“After our sessions together, Edythe helped me realize that I should finally commit to my profession rather than changing careers completely. I greatly appreciate all her patience and support.”


“Edythe, thank you for the time you spent talking with me and reviewing my Myers-Briggs results. You were so generous with your time and knowledge and wisdom.”

–Valerie M.

“Edythe helped me focus in on my natural strengths and interests which led me to pursue my career in real estate as a buyer’s agent, helping people find their dream home hits on all my abilities. She was great!”


Principal, Nova Realty Team

“Not only was Ms. Richards open and accepting, she listened intently, asked questions for clarification, and responded with empathy for the frustration and confusion I was going through.”

–Sharon D.

I got a lot out of my sessions with Edythe. I am more confident and focused, and the results from the career assessments are helping me identify jobs that will be a good fit and worth the effort that it takes to apply for them. As a retired person starting my second career, I would not have known how important all these factors are without having been through counseling sessions with Edythe. It made a huge difference in my life because I really felt like her heart was in it.


Ms. Richards came as a blessing at a moment when I needed someone the most. My self-esteem was at an all-time low, and she showed me that I can reach higher than I thought possible. She not only helped me find a job, but she continues to check in with me, which keeps me optimistic and focused. I’d like to tell others that if you have the opportunity to work with Ms. Richards, please do not hesitate to do so. She is very professional, intelligent, and an exceptional human being.


Edythe Richards experience as a Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner has helped me tremendously in my own career transition. As a physician, recovered from leukemia, her detailed explanation greatly aided my understanding of my personality strengths and interpersonal communication style. I came to understand how to apply this understanding to my new business as a Life and ADHD Coach. Her insights were instrumental to this new knowledge, which is paramount for any career change or life transition. Edythe is not only a clear speaker, but also an individual who can intuit various communication styles. She communicates effectively with a wide range of people, all of whom can feel truly listened to. Her kind and warm manner create a comfortable space in which even personal conflicts or feelings of inadequacy can be comfortably discussed. I heartily recommend her services. You will learn insights that are invaluable for your role in the workplace.

Ron Bashian, M.D,

I had occasion to consult with Edythe while editing the current edition of our Job Search Readiness Assessment & Guide. As an expert career counselor, Edythe serves the Northern Virginia community with a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge that places her as a top expert in her field. Highly responsive and adept at working with people to help simplify the complexities of a job search, Edythe utilizes best-in-class tools and assessments to diagnose specific client needs, then delivers customized solutions to help each client reach his or her career potential

-H. Boyer

Edythe chaired a professional development team several times, consistently making herself available, despite her busy schedule. Seeing that no one was volunteering to serve on a particularly cumbersome project, Edythe volunteered herself. She made suggestions that helped the group become more engaged and motivated, resulting in higher participation than ever before. The group thrived under her direction.


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