The Journey Forward (to A Top Career): There are over 6.0 million unemployed people in the US. In 2017, career counselor Edythe Richards became one of them. This live, unscripted podcast documents Edythe’s candid and very personal journey toward re-employment. Each episode, between 3-10 minutes long, shares advice on networking, interviews, resumes, salary negotiation, and more. If you are an active job seeker, or have been downsized, The Journey Forward will give you not only moral support and validation, but the practical tools and information you’re looking for in your job search.



MBTI® for Mid-Life Career Changers: What’s your perfect career match? Do you feel like you’re in the wrong work environment? Do the people you work with inspire you or get on your last nerve? Knowing your Myers-Briggs type can help you find a meaningful career path and a work environment that’s a best-fit. Each episode in this 16-part series – hosted by Master Practitioner Edythe Richards and producer David Terrace – focuses on one personality type as it relates to workplace satisfaction, and is geared toward adults who are in career transition or changing jobs.

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Myers-Briggs Question Corner: Your questions answered! This podcast gives a platform for listeners to ask their own questions related to the Myers-Briggs, or MBTI® assessment. Master Practitioner Edythe Richards gives in-depth answers to questions about romantic relationships, successful careers, work environments, communication, conflict, and more.


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ENTJ and ESFP at work

Myers-Briggs Question Corner Podcast 46 In today’s episode of Question Corner, Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner Edythe Richards offers up communication advice for ENTJ and ESFP types who work together. ENTJ and ESFP at work People tend to communicate in the way they...

Extraverts who Hate Networking

Myers-Briggs Question Corner Podcast 45 In today's episode of Question Corner, Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner Edythe Richards enlists the assistance of her audio producer David to offer essential career advice for #networking and #MBTI Extraverts. Extraverts who...

Young ISFP Craving Freedom

Myers-Briggs Question Corner Podcast 44. Young ISFP Craving Freedom Myers-Briggs ISFP types are the proverbial "hippies" who need the freedom and space to march to their own drumbeat. When an ISFP is about to go off to college and was raised in a family of Judging (J)...

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