Now that the dust has settled and people are back to normal activities, the time is right to consider the year ahead – So we have created a fun collection of New Year Resolutions based on personality type!

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Wishing everybody all the best for the year ahead.

Happy New Year!


“I vow not to get stuck in the details of the job description, important though they are.”


“Although I’m just trying to help, I’ll resist the urge to clean up other peoples’ messes.”


“I’ll stop trying to read my co-workers’ emotions. I already know them better than they know themselves.”


“I’ll try to better understand people. Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.”


“I’ll try not to cut through
the useless red tape.”


“I won’t repress my feelings, especially when I make those who wronged me feel guilty.”


OK – I’ll try to stop daydreaming, but let me have a hypothetical conversation with myself about that first.”


“I’ll stop noticing contradictions in other peoples’ behavior, but I’ll still switch sides in a debate if you agree with me.”


“I’ve been told I need to read more professional journals, but that’s boring and unnecessary, so I probably won’t.”


“Yes boss. I’ll stop going to parties on school nights and coming to work hungover.”


“I won’t come up with any new ideas for exciting career paths. Hey – is “idea generator” – an actual job title?”


“I’ll continue to believe that I have the potential to dominate the world. I’ll also continue to be too lazy to implement a strategy to do it.”


“I’ll make an effort to listen to people more, but it’s their duty to fit in.”


“I’ll stop pretending to listen to people and actually listen (if I like them).”


“I want to stop pleasing my co-workers because they really don’t deserve it, but I’ll feel guilty if I do.”


“I’m perfect.
Lead, follow or get out of my way.”

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