Myers Briggs® and Social Media

Myers Briggs® and Social Media

There’s a social media site for everyone.

Based on your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) , perhaps you can find the right one for you?


While “social” isn’t appealing to the ISTJ, “media” with ample citations proven to be reliable and valid are immensely appealing – but only if they are done perfectly, without violating the rules.


Though they don’t really have time to, ISFJs will take great pleasure in saving and organizing links to various websites & resources – if it’s one of their own hobbies, or if anyone else asks them to do it.


INFJs are “deeply complicated” and believe no one else gets it. Pinterest is the perfect place for these witty folks to cleverly embed their righteous, symbolic messages into easily-categorized and decorative content.


INTJs are pulling your strings, peons! Their skeptical & critical Yelp reviews control where the minions go – thus rule the world with their diabolical fingers.


ISTPs are suited for military, fighting, or bombing video games – not media this is social. They are assassins masquerading as bystanders & will blow you up before you see them coming. They don’t care what you think, so just leave them alone.


Long known as the “loser site” you kinda feel bad for, MySpace is a good hiding place for unobtrusive ISFPs who follow their hearts with other unorthodox independet artists. If it feels good, why not?


INFPs are too coolto follow the crowd, but secretly want to belong (though they’ll never admit it). They’ll personify Google+ and write about how people should treat it with the same respect as Facebook.


The fact that it’s China’s most popular social networking site will hold instant appeal to INTPs, who love anything foreign – especially if it’s from Asia. They may not actually have the motivation to sign up though.


ESTPs are better at experiencing life than reading about it (think food, booze, and jumping off buildings). They’ll probably join several Meetups, show up, participate (in more ways than one), and regret it later.


The closest thing to a party on the net, Tinder is a cross between Meetup and Match. It is quick, easy to use, it’s all about “liking” people at first glance and meeting in real life. Frivolous but fun.


ADHD-prone ENFPs lack the willpower for long, tedious forums. These quirky, social characters will go to great lengths to make their audience happy. They’ll cry & Blame themselves if unfollowed or defriended.


They’ve thought about getting rid of it because people are basically ignorant about insignificant stuff. Ultimately, they keep it because of their need to get stuff out of their heads from tine-to-time, to schmooze, or to debate.


The best medium for showcasing their talents for telling you to work harder & why their way is the RIGHT way (and look good doing it).


ESFJs love pretty pictures & personal connections. They’ll take it upon themselves to make your pictures prettier. They are just trying to make your life easier, so be sure to acknowledge them for this, even if you didn’t want their help.


They “like” your posts and photos and ask about your feelings. Beware: if you don’t show the same concern, they’ll get passive-aggressive (though they’ll never admit it, because that would mean they’re not nice people).


This platform is frequented by smart, well-educated users – like ENTJs who think they know it all (when in reality, a simple Google search will yield the same answer) and want to show off their knowledge to the less fortunate.

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