Everything you need to launch your website – plus a special offer!

Everything you need to launch your website – plus a special offer!

If you’ve read 5 Ways Your Own Website Can Help Your Career, we’re ready to discuss how to launch your website!

Your site needs to be as professional as possible. You’ll first need to establish and register a web domain. The best way for you to do this is to ignore the many free options out there in cyberspace. Free web domains mean lots of pop-ups and ads – not good for a professional appearance.

Free domains also mean that you lose control – for example if the company changes hands or alters the terms of agreement. Your own domain also offers a personal email address, and with the right host – the ability to secure and protect your precious content more effectively.

Launch your website in 3 stages.

  1. Acquire a web domain
  2. Acquire a web host
  3. Activate and build your web presence

Acquire a web domain

In a perfect world, you’ll want a “dot com” (.com) that is short and easy to remember – ideally, your name or your business name.

Acquiring the same name across other social media (i.e. Twitter and Facebook) is advantageous too – and still often possible if you’re creating a new brand.

Registering a domain name should be inexpensive and simple – registration is paid on an annual basis.

If .com isn’t available other good options include .net and .org.

Acquire a web host

It is recommended that you seek out a web host from a different company other than the one you use for your domain name. This affords more control in the event of any possible disputes.
Web hosts will charge you monthly or annually and prices begin at around $50 for a year. Once you acquire a webhost you will receive NAMESERVER INFORMATION – which binds your domain name to an IP address and allows your website to be activated.

Activate and build your web presence

WordPress is the recommended content management system for your website. It’s the easiest system to use, has the most features, and makes having a website much safer and more enjoyable.

Bonus: if you’re not tech-savvy, WordPress is the way to go. The infographic below summarizes how WordPress works:

WordPress Design - Example Workflow

There should be enough information here to wet the appetite. Study these details and follow-up on keywords using your favorite search engine.

Then launch your website.

NEXT MONTH: The best websites for research and recreation!


Save yourself the hard work and team up with an experienced designer.

We’re offering 2 lucky readers the opportunity to work with David and have a complete website built in just 4 weeks with 1 year of FREE hosting.
Normal value is $1500 – available this August (via A Top Career only) for just $500!

Package includes:
4 one on one Skype consultations
Assistance with web graphics
Contact Form setup
Email configuration
Hosting and WordPress setup
Licensed Plugins
Premium WordPress Theme

Unlimited email support for the full calendar month
Fully hosted for a year
Monthly web visitor reports via email

Sagely Scottish Advice and no hidden fees!
If you require assistance after one month (once you’re up and running) David offers monthly virtual assistance from just $10.
Hosting for 2nd year from $10 per month.
Opt out anytime.

This is a limited offer EXCLUSIVE to A Top Career. Deadline for application – September 1st.

Request further information using our contact form.

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David Terrace, founder of Edit Bits, lives in the Highlands of Scotland, where he avoids people in real life, but is happy to share his knowledge of web hosting, digital editing, and the Loch Ness Monster with the virtual world.

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