The Essentials of an All-Star Resume

The Essentials of an All-Star Resume

Applying for your dream job can be a challenge. It’s a lengthy process that requires a lot of time, attention to detail, time on a computer, and ultimately some level of rejection. It requires the applicant to be persistent, diligent with the application process, and pay very close attention to the fine details outlined within the job application. Landing the perfect job does not come easy, and may be a somewhat discouraging task if the applicant is not persistent.

There are plenty of things that applicants can do to ensure they are standing out amongst the numerous applicants who are applying for the same position. The job market is extremely competitive in this current day and age, which makes a strong resume and job application even more vital for landing the career path that is right for you. When crafting your all-star resume, there are a few important factors to consider to ensure maximum success and response rate from employers

Be Creative

Imagine the number of applications and resumes that CEO’s and business owners read through after posting a position. Depending on the nature of work, and size of the company, employers may have to sift through hundreds of resumes before they reach potential candidates they feel suit the requirements of the position. Larger companies, like Coca-Cola probably receive thousands of resumes after announcing the opening of a new position. Local, smaller businesses may also receive lots of resumes, but chances are the pool is much smaller.

Regardless, the key factor to consider is that there will be a pool of other competing applicants. No matter the size, it’s important that you are creative when developing a resume. Develop a strategy to make yours stand out- whether this includes a professional photo of yourself, or a creative delivery, there are countless ways to showcase your creativity in a professional and presentable fashion. Showcasing a creative side will not only differentiate your application from other mundane resumes, but can help place you into the top bracket of selected resumes that employers will consider.

Consider Volunteer Opportunities

Research local events and volunteering opportunities in your area. Most resumes lack applicants who are both creative, and offer a range of events or organizations where they have volunteered their time and services. An extensive volunteering record can help to establish a more credible resource, and can seem even more appealing to potential employers. A lengthy record of volunteering can help to identify important factors in one’s lifestyle, as well as showcase how an applicant places importance on assisting others within the community. Volunteering is one of the most overlooked aspects of a resume that can help increase overall chances of landing a position.

Persistence is key

After submitting a resume, it’s a good idea to ensure you are being persistent with your application. It might be a good idea to create a logbook where applicants can track jobs that applications have been sent to, a link to the job posting, when a resume was submitted, and potential submission deadlines. In this way, applicants will not become overwhelmed and potentially lose track of jobs they have already applied for. Most applicants tend to spend time looking through various employment websites like several times per week during the job hunt. As a result, they may accidentally visit and or apply for the same job twice if a log book is not kept. This might not look the best to a potential employer.

Get out there, and apply!

Now that you have developed your all-star resume, complete with creative concepts, and volunteering events you have assisted with, start developing a plan. Determine what’s most important in a career, and some of the industries where you can see yourself succeeding. Take the necessary steps, and spend time applying for the most suitable positions for your interests and desires. Remember, a strong resume will make you stand out amongst the crowd, so be sure you are spending plenty of time tailoring your resume to ensure it is as strong as you can possibly make it.

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