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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Overview

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is estimated to account up to 45% of job success.

Emotional Intelligence, otherwise known as EI or EQ, is a set of people skills that help you navigate relationships, interact with others, and manage your own emotions. It’s the ability to be attuned to the people around you— to consider their emotions, and your own, as you make decisions and navigate through the world.

EQ is a behavioral choice

Think about the formula for success at your job. As a spouse. As a parent. A baseball coach, community volunteer, or caregiver. What does it take to get ahead? To separate yourself from the competition? To lead a less stressful and happier existence? To be fulfilled both personally and professionally?

In the bestseller The Millionaire Mind , a survey was taken of 733 multi-millionaires throughout the United States. When asked to rate the factors (out of 30) most responsible for their success, the top 5 were

• Being honest with people
• Being well-disciplined
• Getting along with people
• Having a supportive spouse
• Working harder than most people

All 5 are reflections of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence can be measured and developed

The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®) is the first scientifically validated, the most widely used Emotional Intelligence assessment in the world and has been used by millions of people since the publication in 1997. The newest version EQ-i 2.0 was launched in 2011. The inventory measures 16 key areas of emotional skills that have been proven to contribute to proficiency in complex business, leadership, and personal development activities.

What the EQ-i® is :

  • A self-assessment that enables you to determine the degree of engagement you have with 16 specifically defined elements of emotional intelligence.
  • A reliable and valid instrument that compares your responses with those of a norm group.
  • A self-awareness tool and process requiring individual engagement and interpretation.
  • A highly actionable, personal, professional, leadership, team, or organizational development tool.

What the EQ-i® is not :

  • Cognitive Intelligence (IQ)
  • Aptitude
  • Achievement
  • Vocational Interest
  • Interpersonal Compatibility
  • Personality

Assess, Predict, Perform

The on-line assessment features 133 questions and takes +/- 20 minutes to be completed. A one-to-one debriefing between you and your interpreter will be organized afterwards. You will receive a very complete reports, which include suggestions and tools to develop and enhance your emotional intelligence.

Developing EQ

The EQ-i® measures the interaction between a person and the environment he/she operates in.
Assessing and evaluating an individual’s emotional intelligence can help establish the need for targeted development programs and measures. This, in turn, can lead to significant increases in the person’s performance.

Emotional Intelligence can change over time and can be developed in targeted areas based on your assessment results. The assessment is scored like a standard intelligence test, where 100 is average. You will be given a percentile rank to help you understand where you stand in comparison to others in the normative group. You will also receive a debrief session which is intended to be used as a personal development tool to further develop your Emotional Intelligence in order to leverage your connections with yourself and others.

Return on Investment

The EQ-i® predictive model has seen exceptional performance improvements and real bottom-line results. These stories go beyond mere testimonials. They give evidence of specific, measurable, and scientifically validated results that prove that the EQ-i® model is one of the most valuable tools for selecting and developing the workforce tomorrow.

source: “The EQ Advantage”

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