I have been a professional career counselor for 20 years and an educator for over 20 years. I provide face-to-face sessions in the Washington, DC Metro area, by phone, and on Skype.

Career Counseling is not just for college students

I specialize in working with adults in mid-career transition, but work with a variety of individuals and groups:

  • Executives and experienced professionals
  • Career changers and re-launchers
  • Recent college graduates and students
  • Veterans and transitioning military
  • Mature workers/baby boomers
  • People who have been displaced, outsourced, or downsized
  • First time job seekers

I want to get to know you and what brought you to me. I may ask you to share your family history, culture, education, and individual experiences related to your career development, as this is often helpful to the process.

Together, we’ll discuss a time-frame, specific area(s) of focus, and how to make your objectives a reality. I’ll provide guidance in setting goals, identifying barriers, and celebrating successes.

Most often, sessions will focus on either choosing a career path or landing a job. However, integrating other resources is often a part of this process. I have great success in teaching and tutoring, as well as conquering issues related to moving up the career ladder (improving communication, perfecting writing and speaking, the tendency to procrastinate, and other obstacles to your success). Therefore, I often integrate education into my scope of services.

I always abide by the ethics of the Career Development Association (NCDA).

Career counseling homework

  • I give pre-work and homework related to your specific career needs before and after each session.
  • After each session, I compile insights and notes into a custom-made guide for you. This guide may contain short-term and long-term action steps, a timeline, and personalized reports on your unique assessment results.

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