Assessments should not be the sole measure of a career decision. Your personality is a complex mix of many factors; no assessment can give you a complete picture.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)
This is, perhaps the most well-known personality assessment. The purpose of taking the MBTI® is to facilitate a discussion between the interpreter and the respondent, where the respondent can determine his/her best way of functioning (“Best Fit Type®”), as well as provide insight and awareness into oneself and others. This insight enables deeper personal understanding and can help provide a foundation for better communication with others, and in various aspects of career management.

Although free, online “tests” may provide some insight into your personality, these “tests” and surveys are not statistically reliable or valid and consequently do not report your true MBTI® preferences.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Simply put, emotional intelligence is the ability to be attuned to the people around you— to consider their emotions, and your own, as you make decisions and navigate through your organizations.

To be an effective job seeker, you’ll require a solid understanding of how emotions and actions affect the people around you. Boosting your EQ helps develop long-term career potential.

Career counseling is not just for college students

We specialize in working with adults in mid-career transition, but work with a variety of individuals and groups:

  • Executives and experienced professionals
  • Career changers and re-launchers
  • Recent college graduates and students
  • Veterans and transitioning military
  • Mature workers/baby boomers
  • People who have been displaced, outsourced, or downsized
  • First time job seekers

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