Author: Donna Fitzgerald

The Essentials of an All-Star Resume

Applying for your dream job can be a challenge. It’s a lengthy process that requires a lot of time, attention to detail, time on a computer, and ultimately some level of rejection. It requires the applicant to be persistent, diligent with the application process, and pay very close attention to the fine details outlined within the job application. Landing the perfect job does not come easy, and may be a somewhat discouraging task if the applicant is not persistent. There are plenty of things that applicants can do to ensure they are standing out amongst the numerous applicants who...

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Workplace Dangers: Tips for Job Seekers

Searching for a job is hard work. You send out endless resumes, make constant updates to your online job profiles, and live in ever-present anticipation of that next phone call. The nervous mental space of the job seeker can make you desperate to take any job, leading you to forget some important things. Safety, for instance. It’s essential for your long-term well-being that you keep potential hazards in mind when applying for work. Your job is supposed to support your life, not destroy it. When looking for work, be aware of the following dangers that can go hand-in-hand with...

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Career Hunting After College

The post-college job search can leave you in an odd position. You’ve just graduated with a university degree, a major accomplishment. Then suddenly, you’re broke and have nothing to do with your time. It’s time to look for a career. But which career? If you’re like many young Americans, your degree leaves you with little direct experience to make yourself marketable to the workforce. Few job postings list “Art History 475” as a preferred qualification. In other words, you’ll need to take what you can get. To a degree, anyway. Not every job is worth your time. Some jobs...

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