Author: Brad Minton

The 3 Things Millennials Must Do In An Interview

Going into any job interview in 2017 will be challenging enough. Although the job market has improved substantially since the Great Recession, it’s still no mystery that the level of competition for jobs is fierce. Just getting the opportunity to interview for most positions is a privilege these days. However, the newest generation coming out of college, Millennials, (born 1980-2000) is faced with particular challenges when it comes to the interview itself. One of the toughest challenges coming into the interview can happen even before the interview begins. This is the true elephant in the room. That is, the...

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What Millennials Can Teach Gen Xers About Networking

You walk into a waiting room. The room is packed full of people waiting to be seen. Beyond the obvious conclusion that they all there for a similar reason, there is something else they all have in common. Their heads are down, eyes focused exclusively on their smart phones. Welcome to the Millennial Generation. Millennials (born 1980-2000) do things differently than you, Gen Xers. Yes, you are, coincidentally, in that same waiting room. But you are reluctant to embrace the changes of our generation. Our evidence? You give us what other Millennials don’t: eye contact. We all know that...

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