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How Social Accounts Impact Job Candidacy – Infographic

Your education, work experience, resume: they’re all making a big impact on your job candidacy, right? But guess what else is likely to help—or-hurt in the hunt for a job? Your social media profiles. Your friends and family aren’t the only ones who check you out without your knowledge. Potential employers, of course, do that too. And if they see something they don’t like, they may take you out of the running for a job that you really want. One option, of course, is to delete your social media presence. There are other options, too. This graphic can work...

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Unique Skills in Each Generation That Employers Need

Have you ever thought about how the skills you bring to the workplace are influenced by the generation in which you grew up in? Take baby boomers: They comprise almost a third of all people working and were born from 1946 to 1964. Although they tend to be quite well educated and work in teams, they are also more likely to question authority. For managers and co-workers, this can mean interactions that get their buy-in and offer lots of respect for their opinions. All of this matters, for baby boomers and other generations, as a way to understand how...

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5 Reasons Millennials Find Temporary Work Satisfying

Many people yearn for the stability and regularity of permanent work. But for Millennials — that group of people born after 1980 — there’s an attraction to the positives inherent in temporary employment. There are a variety of reasons that Millennials seek out temporary work more than other groups. They’re starting on those life milestones, such as marrying, buying a house, and moving out of the home, at a later age. They’re also burdened by more student loan debt than older generations. And temporary work offers a way for people to get closer to a healthier balance between work...

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