Month: September 2017

ISTJ and INTJ Relationships: Pitfalls and Strategies – Question Corner Video Podcast

Today’s Question Corner podcast focuses on the relationship between an INTJ woman and her ISTJ husband. Listen in as Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner Edythe Richards answers this relationship question. Regardless of one’s Myers-Briggs type, it is my belief and the belief of most practitioners that any 2 well-developed healthy people of any type can have a successful relationship. The Myers-Briggs may be useful in predicting some successes and challenges that various relationships will face, but of course there is no fool-proof method for predicting relationship success with any assessment or tool. Relationships are difficult to measure or predict, and there...

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ESFJ Video Podcast – MBTI® for Mid-Life Career Changers

This newly revised video podcast** features an introduction to the ESFJ type, along with suggested job tips and recommended career possibilities – with career counselor and Myers-Briggs® Master Practitioner Edythe Richards. ESFJ is a common MBTI® type with women twice as likely to fall into this category. Listen in as we explore the needs and requirements for ESFJ mid-life career changers in order for them to achieve career satisfaction. ESFJ stands for Extraverted – meaning they’re energized by the external world of people and things Sensing – they receive information in a concrete and practical way with their 5...

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Career Transition: Pathways to a Green Job podcast

Dan Smolen is an author, talent advocate, and self-confessed champion of the New Green Economy. He also runs a successful career-related podcast, and our own career expert Edythe Richards was a recent guest. “Green Jobs” is a very broad topic. Edythe and Dan break it down for the layperson in this informative segment. If you’re considering a transition into the New Green Economy – whether that’s as an engineer, business person, or social advocate – you’ll want to take notes on Edythe’s advice and plan out your next action steps accordingly. Here’s an opportunity to listen to this podcast...

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